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Caveman Cliff CRAZY is a fast paced, 90 second version of Shiny Talisman’s mobile game, Caveman Cliff. In CRAZY it’s no longer about clearing off the cliff, but now, simply driving the pterodactyls CRAZY. Shove rocks into the water to earn stars. Push them together into large groups, then off the cliff to earn star multipliers and fill the anger meter. Rock chains of 5, 10, 15, … feed the meter. The angrier the dinos get, the more friends they’ll call. More pterodactyls = more boulders = more stars!  Can you collect 10,000 in 90 seconds?

Combine boulder chains together with some well timed dino-might; use the explosion to push rocks over the edge while you race to the next group.  Make the pterodactyls work to your advantage when they drop their bombs.  Any boulder going over the edge will keep the chain going.

Caveman Cliff CRAZY is TILT control enabled.

Make it to the top of the cliff on the Game Center Leaderboards. Complete the full set of Achievements. Get a taste of the original game by earning the achievement “The Original Caveman Cliff”; all you have to do is clear off the cliff… that’s it… good luck, you only have a minute and a half.

Looking for a fast paced, addictive, score-topper enjoyed 90 seconds at a time?  You’ve found it.


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